Oaxaca is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Mexico


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These are Susan’s recommendations:

Oaxaca is a vibrant, cultural city full of amazing food, art, music, parades and some of the prettiest colorful façades you’ll ever find. It’s also a great place for budget travelers to stretch their money and still have world-class experiences.

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Walk the picturesque streets in the historic center and detour to the adjoining neighborhoods of Xochimilco and Jalatlaco to see bold and intricate street murals. If it’s Sunday, head to any museum for free entry. (Other days, you’ll find the entrance fees to vary from free to less than $5.) You haven’t even spent any money yet! 

Tlacolula market

On Sundays, head to Tlacolula market, the bustling traditional market 45 minutes from the city center. Bus fare will cost you 10 pesos ($.53). You’ll find everything from fresh local fruit to steaming barbacoa (barbeque) tacos, live chickens, farm equipment, traditional textiles and everything in between. You can also pick up some of the best artisan work here, like ceramics for $1-2.

Lechoncito de Oro

The most important thing to do in Oaxaca is eat. Eat the best tacos on the street at Lechoncito de Oro for $.75 each. Then head to the critically acclaimed Alfonsina to dine on a five-course tasting menu with drinks for $37. Finally, rest your head at the colorful hotel with a cause, Hotel con Corazon, starting at $67 or the beautifully designed boutique hotel, Casa Antonieta, starting at $136.

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 Calle Macedonio Alcalá
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Catedral Restaurant and Bar

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