Like it or not, cyclists can occupy a full street lane in CDMX


There is a lot of confusion about what they have and what cyclists are not allowed to do when they drive on the streets

The bicycle is much more than just a toy, it is a vehicle. As such, it is important to know the rights (and obligations) that cyclists have, and one of them, whether we like it or not, is to occupy the entire lane of the road.

This is indicated in Article 17 of the Traffic Regulation, which specifies that the lane that they have to occupy is that of the extreme right and that in case the street is one-way, the preference will be for non-motorized vehicles.

As if this were not enough, this article indicates that in case of not respecting this rule (and endangering cyclists), a fine of between 10 and 20 Account Units of Mexico City (between 806 and 1,612 pesos).

This measure can annoy many motorists. However, this provision is not a whim of a group of “people who believe they are rubber”, it is a rule that literally saves lives.

Areli Carreón, the first mayor of the bicycle in Mexico City, says for Economía Hoy that one of the main reasons for the existence of this rule is to establish eye contact between cyclists and motorists and thus avoid accidents that may be fatal.

The mayors of cities are responsible for representing urban cyclists, promote this transport and seek solutions to achieve better and more sustainable mobility.

“By occupying that position you are fully visible and avoid high-speed overflows,” he says and recommends that cyclists drive in the space occupied by the right tires of the vehicles.

Despite this, the activist and founder of the civil organization Bicitekas, advises people who are transported by circular bicycle near the side of the sidewalk if there are no parked cars or other obstacles that may put cyclists at risk.

He also asks to avoid conflicts with motorists and avoid confrontations, as cyclists will always be at a disadvantage.

“Ideally, make eye contact and smile, that person-to-person connection can relax tension. (However), if you see a dangerous face or attitude, it is better to be safe and avoid a bad time,” he says.

Other advantages of using the entire lane

Not only do cyclists have to deal with motorists who pass them within 1.5 meters (which is the distance established in the Traffic Regulations), they also do so with parked vehicles.

Another advantage of driving through the center of the lane is to avoid the famous slamming doors, which is one of the main causes of cycling accidents.

The slamming doors happen when driving very close to cars parked on the right side of the street and the car passenger opens the door without noticing and impacts the cyclist’s humanity, which can cause (in addition to the blow) the cyclists fall by half from the street and another car can overwhelm it.

Also, circulating through the center of the lane, cyclists avoid going through strains that may be open or by debris that may affect their tires.


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