Sabritas, Nestlé, Lala and Bimbo will increase their prices in 2020


Large junk food companies in the country have announced a strong increase to most of their products. In a country that has just raised its minimum wage in an interesting way, the owners of these companies have announced that their flagship products will cost much more to the country’s consumers.

The company that has raised its prices so far is the Mexican baker Bimbo. Its managers have announced since the beginning of last December an increase of two pesos in all its popular versions of box bread. In addition to the brands mentioned in the head of this note, it is known that Baker Aunt Rosa and Marinela also reported increases.

Most of these price increases are effective as of January 2, 2020. While the minimum wage went from 102 to 123.2 pesos, these increases to popular products completely injure national families. And it is that transport increases are contemplated in different states of the country, in addition to specific taxes in some more.

In addition to these emporium bakers, also junk food companies such as Sabritas, Barcél, and beverages such as Lala, Nestlé and Alpura, have announced considerable increases in their stellar products. The excuse of the owners of these companies is that the increase in hydrocarbon prices and some fiscal increases, but these days it has become clear that gasoline is stable, without gasoline. 


The Mazatlan Post