Exciting Moments at the 32nd International Marlin Fishing Tournament 2024 in Huatulco


BAHÍAS DE HUATULCO. – The 32nd International Marlin Fishing Tournament 2024 in Huatulco was carried out with great success, offering moments of intense emotion and competition. In this edition, local, national, and international teams participated, demonstrating their skill and passion for sport fishing.

This tournament, which has become a benchmark at the global level, stands out not only for the quality of its competitors and impeccable organization but also for its commitment to sustainability and the promotion of tourism activity in the region. Each year, the event attracts numerous visitors and participants, significantly contributing to the local economy and positioning Huatulco as a top-tier tourist destination.

The tournament not only promotes sport fishing but also encourages responsible and sustainable practices, ensuring the conservation of marine species and the balance of the ecosystem. The combination of sport, nature, and sustainable tourism has established this event as one of the most important in its category.

The tournament organizers thanked all participants and sponsors for their support and enthusiasm and reaffirmed their commitment to continue promoting a sport that is respectful of the environment and enriching for the local community.

Source: Publimar