September 15: 3 destinations in Oaxaca to taste its best typical dishes 


The celebrations of September 15 are approaching and this season you can prepare a tour to the most fascinating destinations in Mexico where the best natural settings are combined with several other elements that will make your stay more pleasant, including delicious dishes that will delight your palate in every bite, which you can taste when visiting various regions of Oaxaca. 

This state in the south of the country is one of the places that stand out the most for its exquisite gastronomy and in this national month you can prepare a trip to some of its main destinations to taste the best dishes that are prepared in a traditional way and that allow you to get to know them better. The culture of this entity is full of charming corners to explore on each of your traveling routes. 

1. Oaxaca, Oaxaca 

Traveling in September to Oaxacan lands will give you the chance to delight in a delicacy of exquisite flavors that you can even try by visiting its typical market, where you will find several traditional inns where the local cooks will delight you by preparing a delicious tlayuda, a delicious jerky or a rich foamy hot chocolate to start a holiday full of flavor, where you will find a wide variety of unmatched dishes to enjoy the national holidays. 

2. Juchitan 

Juchitán is one of the destinations that you should know if you are a fan of tapas and want to try the best typical dishes of this national entity, especially if you love tlayudas. This meat-based preparation is native to the central valleys of Oaxaca, beef that is left to dry to be eaten fried or stewed, an exquisite delicacy that you should not miss in this festive season in which you can put aside your diet for a few days to delight yourself with the delights of this area of Mexico that is characterized by its typical gastronomy. 

3. Salina Cruz 

In this destination in Oaxaca you can try a wide variety of delicacies to celebrate September 15 and to season each of your meals you can add a delicious chicatana sauce, considered one of the perfect accompaniments for the original typical dishes of the state. These little animals are a type of edible ant that can be collected during the rainy season, they are washed, and the preparation begins, which consists of placing them on the comal and then grinding them in the molcajete with garlic, salt and roasted green chili. 

  Source: Escapadah