10 essential Puerto Escondido restaurants (categorized by cuisine)


Puerto Escondido restaurants growth has increased since this beach town on the Pacific coast has been an iconic destination for surfers. There are all kinds of cuisine including the Latin American street at La Punta where you will find Peruvian, Venezuelan, and Argentine cuisines.

Because of the rich waters surrounding Puerto Escondido, most menus star seafood dishes like ceviche and pescado frito. Whatever neighborhood you choose to stay in, there are many cafes, restaurants, and hidden local spots (like the seafood joint in a car wash on this list).

Are restaurants in Puerto Escondido expensive?

Menus in Puerto Escondido restaurants start for as low as US$7 when you’re eating at the local food markets. Mid-range restaurants can cost up to US$15 while the high-end ones (which are very few) start at US$25.

10 best Puerto Escondido restaurants

#1: Lychee: best Thai

Getting access to Thai food is not difficult in Puerto Escondido. Pad thai, mango sticky rice, and fresh spring rolls make up the menu at Lychee. This is one of the biggest Puerto Escondido restaurants that serve Asian food. Lychee has a big restaurant space so you can easily find a table here for big groups.

#2: Mercado Benito Juarez: best food market

For those who are extra adventurous, there is a food market in Puerto Escondido called Mercado Benito Juarez. Here, you will find all the typical dishes of Oaxaca for less than US$5.

There are many food stalls inside this market and most of them are locally owned. Every Oaxacan dish you will encounter is unique and this is the best place to explore those many options.

#3: El Bunker de JP: best local spot

This used to be a spot for locals but now many visitors already discovered it. El Bunker de JP is right next to a carwash so come here when you need to have your Oaxaca road trip car cleaned.

This is one of the Puerto Escondido restaurants that always have fresh oysters on the menu. Some of our favorites include their sashimi starter, best paired with a cold Pacifico.

#4: Almoraduz: best in Oaxaca cuisine

 Allende 124, Centro, Malecon

There is no other restaurant in Puerto Escondido that knows the essence of Oaxacan cuisine but Almoraduz. You can find excellent food here such as the world-class mole to iconic tlayuda.

They also change their menu depending on the season. The owners and chefs have their own farm where they locally produce organic ingredients to serve at Almoraduz.

#5: Fish Shack: best fish tacos

 C. Matamoros 906

We are obsessed with Fish Shack’s coconut shrimps and Baja-style fish tacos! This is a good place to eat different kinds of seafood tacos with the cheapest national beers in town.

The Fish Shack’s space is really small and is located in an alley that leads to the beach. It is definitely a local hang-out, especially after sunset surf sessions at La Punta!

#6: Espadin: best restaurant in Carrizalillo

 Camino Carrizalillo

You’d most likely be attracted to Restaurante Espadin’s view of the Carrizalillo beach but you’ll love the concept of this restaurant. The name Espadin is from a type of agave plant in Oaxaca.

The dishes at Restaurante Espadin are all perfectly paired with mezcal. The best plates to order here are the coconut shrimp and the fish of the day.

#7: El Cafecito: best coffee shop

Av del Morro | Rinconada

We first found out about El Cafecito when we were looking for cafes with wifi in Puerto Escondido. They have 2 branches and both didn’t have a good Internet connection.

But what drew us to come here daily was their all-day breakfast: American, Mexican, and Continental are some of the options. We recommend trying huevos divorciados.

#8: Food Market La Punta: best food park

 La Punta Zicatela

If you’re traveling with a group with different food preferences, the Food Market La Punta is the place to go. They have different restaurants inside that your party can choose from!

There is a coffee shop here that we frequent but they don’t have fast wifi so we always take it to go. The sushi place here is also super affordable and has over 15 items on its menu.

#9: Mundaka: best Italian

The ambiance of this restaurant is dark and homey which makes Mundaka a good restaurant for dinner dates. They don’t take reservations so you may have to fall in line for a few minutes.

Come to Mundaka for their woodfire pizza and handmade pasta. They also have a bar with a selection of great wines to pair with your meal. The salads are good for sharing!

#10: Filomena: best Argentine

The Argentines once again hit the Mexican land bringing their iconic dishes to Mexico like empanada, choripan, and of course, their legendary asado (steak).

Filomena represents the dishes of their country but is also doing a fusion with Mexican cuisine.

Tip: order the empanadas here frozen to take to your home or Airbnb!