World champion promotes water polo in Puerto Escondido


Former national team and Central American champion Francisco García Sesma promotes the practice of water polo in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

The son of the Olympic Legend in Mexico in 1968, El Panchote, who has lived on the Costa Smeralda for more than four years, works at the head of a group of about 35 children and young people.

Francisco García Sesma, Panchito, as he is known in the world of water polo, was appointed representative in Mexico of the World Beach Waterpolo League (water polo on the beach), so last December he was invited to give a Clinic of Initiation to the Beach Water polo modality, held in the Port of Acapulco, Guerrero.

water polo puerto escondido

Panchito was accompanied by a children’s water polo team from Puerto Escondido, in the mini (8-10) and children (11-13 years) categories, who participated in a water polo tournament on the beach.

And with approximately one year of work, the children’s representative from Puerto Escondido surpassed his counterpart from Acapulco, opening up new expectations to promote the practice of this aquatic discipline on the Oaxacan coast.

Francisco García Sesma, a gold medalist in the water polo discipline at the 2002 Central American Games in El Salvador, is in charge of the Aquadolphin school in Puerto Escondido, where he teaches swimming, water polo, and open water classes.

 Francisco “Panchote” García

Last weekend Panchito returned to the Port of Acapulco to deliver the recognitions to the participants in the Beach Water Polo Initiation Clinic, as well as to the members of the children’s teams that participated in the tournament.


Sara Michelle Reyes Ramirez

Alejandro Con-Kauo Méndez Hernández

Jacob Zahid Mendez Hernandez

Allan Rain Greenspon Reyes (mini scorer champion)


Gael Garcia Severino (child scorer champion)

Fernanda Sofía López Hernández (best women’s buoy)


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