Blessing Chukwu, the first Miss Nayarit of Afro Mexican descent


Recently, the representative of San Blas was unexpectedly crowned Miss Nayarit 2020.

After dismissing the tuxpense, she immediately went viral for being the first Afro-Mexican beauty queen in the entity; so Tribuna de la Bahía went to Tepic to meet her.

She is a beautiful ebony woman, graduated in Marketing from the Autonomous University of Nayarit, in addition to being an athlete, a model and above all, a woman who does not lose simplicity, is smiling and in solidarity with those most in need, the protagonist of a story of overcoming.

Lenaura Blessing Ifeoma Chukwu, was born on September 3, 1997, in Nigeria, the land of her father, on the other hand, her mother is Mexican. 

They lived for a time in the United States. In addition to carrying it in her blood, she is Mexican by decision.


“When I was 4 years old, coming to Tepic was to meet my grandmother and from that moment the bond I had with her was very great; I decided to stay with the idea of ​​going back to my mother at some point, but as time went by, my desire to stay here grew more and now at 23 I have not returned ”.

On one occasion he tried to return to North America.

“I did not adapt to the lifestyle there. I was already completely Mexican, both in my attitude and in how I relate to people; something that is totally different there and that is why I returned to Mexico ”.

In kindergarten he learned to speak Spanish, today he even dances to the northern band, practices calisthenics, encourages tourism. 

“I worked for three years in a hotel in San Blas.”

She has always been linked to social work, in high school, together with her classmates, she visited Nursing Homes, in addition to living with them, they collected food supplies and financial resources to help them.

Blessing Chukwu, la primera representante afromexicana en Miss México

At the university they created a project to collect caps and give chemotherapies to people with cancer, currently participating in a group of athletes who also go to schools and prisons, to promote healthy life and exercise.

In addition to raising funds for vulnerable families, it is part of cleaning and environmental care campaigns

She has also been an outstanding athlete, selected state and national in the 400 meter dash


In Mexico there are ethnic groups of Afro – descendants, however, they continue to struggle to be recognized.

Blessing says that there is still ignorance about it, since she was a child she learned to accept and understand the great diversity that exists in the country; She was even discriminated against for the color of her skin, from childhood until her participation in Miss Nayarit.

“Yes, since I was little, but for example, in my family, my aunts and loved ones affectionately call me NEGRITA, so it was no longer an offense, so if a child told me I wouldn’t take it as a bad thing, that’s how I grew up, knowing which ones Comments leave aside, to date I continue to implement it.

In the state stage of the contest, if I suffered many attacks, that helped me too much, I am very different from the one who entered Miss Nayarit, I have managed to handle those attacks in my favor.

In March, she will participate in the Miss Mexico contest, eliminatory for Miss World, where she is undoubtedly a strong card, for being an integral woman, as well as beautiful.


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