What are the best salsas for your tacos and how to make them


The 15 best green, red and macha salsas

The sauce can be the complement of a good carne asada, of course, there is a variety for all tastes

If you love carne asada, you surely know that there is no richer way to accompany it than with hot tortillas, fresh rice and of course a homemade salsa.

Some so spicy that they will make you cry but you will not be able to resist them!

Onion recipe prepared in red wine for beef tacos

It is time to get your best recipes, some so spicy that they will make you cry but you will not be able to resist them!


Pasilla chili sauce and red wine for beef tacos (the best in the world)

This sauce is delicious with beef or chicken tacos. I love it because the wine gives it an elegant and different touch.

Pasilla chile wine sauce

Raw Serrano Chili and Lemon Sauce, perfect for tacos, quesadillas, and more!

It is a very spicy sauce with an acid touch, perfect for tacos, garnachas, quesadillas, and meat. 

Green pineapple sauce with habanero, for beef and pastor tacos!

This roasted pineapple green sauce is super easy to make – it’ll only take a few minutes!

Green pineapple sauce with habanero, for roast beef and pastor tacos!

How to make salsa macha to sell, a cheap and profitable recipe!

This delicious thick sauce made with dried chilies combined with oil, spices, and seeds that is perfect to add to any dish.

How to make macha sauce to sell, cheap and profitable recipe!

Mango sauce with habanero for tacos, only for the brave!

Prepare this mango and habanero sauce to accompany chicken, fish, shrimp, or even beef tacos. Its sweet but spicy flavor will make you unable to stop eating it.

Mango sauce with habanero for tacos only for the brave!

Roasted mango and jalapeño sauce (perfect for beef tacos)

The combination of flavors of this mango sauce is a sweetness. Prepare it for the carne asada of the weekend and surprise everyone with its flavor. 

Mango and jalapeño sauce

Coriander and jalapeño sauce in oil (ideal for beef)

Mexicans cannot eat without salsa. It is the magic of our meals and that is why it is essential. If you identify yourself, then this recipe for coriander and garlic sauce will fascinate you. 

How to make peanut sauce for tacos?

This peanut sauce is perfect for your favorite tacos, its spicy flavor is delicious and its crispy texture will make it your favorite.

Green sauce with mango and habanero pepper, ideal for grilled meats!

If you consider yourself a mango lover and add hot sauces to all your dishes, I recommend this delicious green sauce with mango and roasted habanero pepper.

Green salsa with mango and habanero chile, ideal for roast meats!

Make guacamole sauce, no avocado!

This guacamole sauce without avocado is delicious, very easy to prepare and very economical, prepare it today at home!

Make guacamole sauce, no avocado!

Habanero sauce and TAMARIND (delicious for beef tacos)

I can’t imagine life without sauces: for me, they are the spirit of food, responsible for transforming something simple, like a beef taco, into a delicacy.

Raw green sauce with coriander, perfect for taquitos and other delicacies!

Prepare a green sauce with a touch of coriander, completely delicious!

Green sauce with coriander

Salsa macha tatemada, it has chile de arbol, peanut, seeds and oil!

This recipe has a smoky flavor, some of its ingredients are previously covered. You have to try it, I am sure you will love it.

The best mango sauce with chipotle

Accompany your favorite dishes with the best mango chipotle sauce. Not to be missed!

mango sauce with chipotle

Delicious roasted sauce of five extra spicy chilies, only for the brave!

For lovers of hot sauces, we share this delicious recipe for roasted sauce with five different chili peppers that the brave ones of your family will love.

What is salsa macha?

The use of chilies in Mexican cuisine dates back to pre-Hispanic times, the emperors consumed cocoa infused with chilies and seeds. The use of chilies is so popular that in the country there are more than 200 varieties of sauces.

	     What is salsa macha?

Its origin is disputed between Oaxaca and Veracruz, both states use chilies and roasted seeds mixed with vegetable oil. The original macha sauce must have, morita chili, comapeño and tobacco, sesame, garlic, fat pepper, and peanut.  

The chili peppers must first be roasted together with the seeds, then they are ground with vegetable oil and thus preserved for a long time.salsa-macha-origin-history

It is served with fish, meat, seafood, and Mexican snacks. Its intense and spicy flavor is highly valued in the cuisine of the south of the country. Each state has its version, for example in Oaxaca it is prepared with chapulines “grasshoppers” and chile cascabel, in Veracruz with Morita pepper, peanuts, and seeds.


In the city markets, you can find different versions of sauces, some with pasilla chili, mulatto or cascabel, mixed with seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and insects. In addition to being one of the most representative sauce in the country because it is widely used in sea cuisine.

bon appetit

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