Coronavirus Mexico today May 2: latest news, cases and deaths


There are more than 20 thousand confirmed cases of the coronavirus COVID-19, a virus that has already claimed the lives of more than 1,900 people in Mexico.

Mexico is close to reaching the peak of infection by coronavirus COVID-19 in phase 3 of the epidemic. Despite this, Hugo López-Gatell, deputy director of epidemiology, calls for continued home confinement to prevent a re-emergence after the peak of the disease in our country. In the case count, to date there are more than 20,000 positives and the number of deaths is around 2,000.

20,739 positive cases and 1972 deaths

Since the first case of the coronavirus COVID-19 was confirmed in the Mexican Republic, more than two months have passed and the health contingency takes more than 30 days. According to figures from the most recent report of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico, offered at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, May 1, 2020, positive cases amount to 20,739 cases throughout the country, with Mexico City and the State of Mexico as the most contagious, which in their sum house more than 40% of positives in all of Mexico.

In terms of deaths, the confirmed cases are 1,972 fatal losses throughout Mexico, with Mexico City and Baja California as the most affected states, which together account for a third of all coronavirus deaths.

Positive cases and coronavirus deaths by state as of May 2

Federal entityAccumulatedDeathsAssets
Mexico City55484181692
Mexico state34221851033
Baja California1569232202
Quintana Roo830116215
New Lion3661794
Michoacán3. 4. 5Four. Five139
Baja California Sur3221844
gentleman2823. 4136
Sonora2402. 366
Tlaxcala2172. 388
San Luis Potosi121847

Currently 6,390 active cases are contemplated, people who are currently suffering from COVID-19 and who are highly contagious to third parties. This statistic only lists the positive cases reported in the recent 14 days and which have not perished.

Map of Coronavirus in Mexico by states and municipalities

Here you can see the interactive map by states offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here.

Here you can see the interactive map by municipalities offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here .

Center of the country, Pacific and Southeast, the ones that suffer the most

Throughout the country, there are three main areas affected by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The first of these is the center of the country, where Mexico City, Puebla and the State of Mexico accumulate most of the infections registered so far.

The country’s capital reports 418 deaths, 5,548 accumulated cases and 1,692 assets. The Mexican entity has suffered 185 fatalities, 3,422 positive and 1,033 active. Puebla registers 88 perished, 708 accumulated contagions, and 215 assets. In the sum of these three states, 46% of the pandemic is concentrated nationwide.

Figures of the coronavirus in Mexico
Figures of the coronavirus in Mexico

The Pacific area also registers a high number of deaths. Baja California is the second entity with the most deaths, with 232 deaths and 1,569 accumulated infections. Sinaloa is in the fourth position with 159 deaths and 1,008 positives for Sars-COV2. One in five deaths nationwide is registered in one of these two entities.

In the southeast of the country, Tabasco has lost 131 people to coronavirus and 1,066 cases, while Quintana Roo has 116 fatal losses and 830 accumulated cases. Between the two they register more deaths than the sum of the 16 states with the least perished, half of the country’s total.


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