FRAUD ALERT: Costco is not giving out COVID-19 assistance coupons of 500 pesos


Before sharing your friends or acquaintances or providing personal information, first, verify that it is the official site of this or another company

The frauds that are committed by some people who only seek to steal your personal data, that of your contacts, or leave you without money, continue to proliferate in these times of COVID-19.

Using the need that prevails among society, the creation of false pages offering gifts or money for you to make your purchases, delivery of alleged scholarships, even medical supplies or even asking for financial support for religious groups or aid, continue to grow and worse, is that many people have fallen.

This time it was up to the Costco chain since in the last hours a supposed league has been dispersed in which they offer coupons of up to 500 pesos for customers to make their purchases, which is completely false.

The league that is shared corresponds to an apocryphal site very similar to that of the company but with a variant “”, and if we verify it, the official website does not handle this extension.

There, before answering a questionnaire, ask that to be deserving of this benefit, first of all, you must send the message with the league to 20 people that you have registered on your WhatsApp. Remember, who wants to give in times of crisis does not put conditions on you.

In the place this initiative is not promoted at any time, and it is specified in the “Online Coupons” tab that the benefits go towards savings on certain products, but not with the proportion of money.

So before they want to play with your need, to steal your personal data, the number of your friends, or take your money, conditioning you support, first verify and do not fall for these frauds.

The company released a statement on its digital platforms, in which it specifies the address of its official site and reiterates that others are false.

Source: notimex

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