Claudio Limón: A young bulletproof muralist


He is one of the youngest muralists in Mexico and his works have been in places like Times Square in New York.

Claudio Limón studied Graphic Design at the University of Guadalajara. His love for painting since he was a child and his ability to reproduce different techniques has positioned him as one of the youngest plastic artists, who has been able to portray his art in places such as the emblematic Hotel Matilda in San Miguel de Allende and, even, in Times Square, in the heart of the Big Apple, where his work and his face were reproduced in huge screens.

“At age 15 I started painting virgins, faces and flowers in oil. I had a very traditional training because the private teacher I had from 10 to 16 years old was a plastic artist, who taught me different proportion techniques such as watercolor, drawing, acrylic, oil and charcoal, among others”, Claudio explained.

“The mural that I made at the Matilda Hotel in San Miguel de Allende was inspired by the Matilda that Diego Rivera painted and that is in the lobby of the place. The colors came from the environment and from nature, it is a project that I am very fond of; an illustration of my tattooed face that I did in New York, which was projected on the screens of Times Square and my first collection in which I was invited to intervene a pack of cigarettes, which I happened to see on a trip to Argentina”, he continued.

“In this quarantine I have in mind the creation of a series of illustrations with positive phrases or words that make people smile in the middle of this world contingency that is being lived today. I’m also thinking of making digital postcards and phrase posters and looking at ways to donate the proceeds to hospitals or people in need. The intention of my paintings is to generate good vibes, positive energy. We live among so much negativity and bad things that we hear every day, that the last thing I want is to capture that. I don’t like to make collections focused on catastrophes, or difficult situations that happen in the world, and definitely not about political issues” the artist said.

Source: Heraldo de México

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