Former Lake Chapala train station celebrates 100 years


The old Chapala train station, now the González Gallo Cultural Center, is 100 years old and they will offer virtual activities

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Guadalajara, Jalisco.- Today is the centenary of the construction of the old Chapala train station, which now serves as the González Gallo Cultural Center (CCGG), therefore the Jalisco Secretary of Culture  (SCJ) has scheduled a series of virtual activities to commemorate such a special date.

“The González Gallo Cultural Center continues to be, for the Secretary of Culture, a station, a meeting place with science, art, technology and culture activities, which highlight the avant-garde and the interest in sowing a willingness to consume in the new generations, live and move to cultural spaces, based on the proposals we make to them ”, said Giovana Jaspersen García, head of the SCJ.


Among the digital events that have been scheduled for this April 8 is a live broadcast that will be held today of a concert by Javier Raygoza and his music group through the CCGG Facebook account and the Twitter account. of the Ministry of Culture.

“Some special compositions will be sung for both the Ex Estación and Chapala and a song written in honor of Christian Schjetnan, promoter of the construction of this place,” said Gabriela Serrano, director of the CCGG.

The memory train is another of the programmed activities that begin today and end on April 30, this consists of the community sharing photos of the enclosure that have been captured throughout its 100-year history. “Participants will be able to send their material accompanied by a text that describes the moment in which the photograph was captured,” says the announcement.

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For next April 10, a video tour of the González Gallo Cultural Center will be shared, which will show its history and the exhibition “Masters of Plastic”. In addition, the CCGG has scheduled a video interview with Juan Palomar Verea, teacher of the ITESO Composition in Architecture Workshop, who was in charge of remodeling the Chapala train station.

El futuro de Chapala

But the activities will not last only a month, since all April and May capsules will be transmitted detailing the most emblematic moments in the history of the CCGG and thereby showing the complete history of the venue.

Historical expenses

The old Chapala railway station was inaugurated on April 8, 1920, however, this artistic heritage had the intervention of the architect Guillermo de Alba between 1917 and 1920. However, six years later the infrastructure was damaged by a flood caused by the growth of Lake Chapala following a long rainy season.

After being completely abandoned, the inhabitants of Chapala asked the municipal, state and federal government to rescue him, a fact that was consolidated on March 28, 2006, when it was reopened as the Cultural Center “Lic. J. Jesús González Gallo ” .


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