A couple died holding hands after 70 years of marriage


Norma June Pretell and Francis Ernest Pretell, died a few weeks ago holding hands after 70 years of marriage.

It is the most moving story you will read today and I am almost certain that you will shed many tears. The elderly couple Norma June Pretell and Francis Ernest Pretell died a few weeks ago holding hands after 70 years of marriage. 

Both met very young and did not think that they would fall in love at first sight, from the moment they decided to be in love, the couple promised that they would never separate and it is in the bad times where they should be more united than ever and they demonstrated it. 

The entire British community witnessed what happened to the elderly as their photo toured the entire Internet going viral in a few minutes. Ernest, who was 92 years old, vowed not to separate from Norma, 90, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at his advanced age. 

Until his forces asked for it, he tried to help her as much as he could until they hired specialists. Her daughter Amanda was in charge of sharing her story since she wrote to the Daily Mail newspaper so that many know that true love does exist. 

The young woman could not be present when they died but what happened made her feel closer and wanted to share it with everyone: “Everyone who knew this Christian, ordinary and hardworking couple understood that they were an extraordinary thing: their 70-year love story “.

They were in an elderly home because Francis did not want to separate from his wife or leave her alone in that place, so in his room, they both couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave. The nurse who saw them was absent for about 10 minutes and when he arrived, he saw the couple holding hands and not moving. 

When he called the doctor, he went to review it and had to give the news that they had died at the same time. The photo was taken by the staff to stamp that their marriage is still alive in images and in the hearts of those who knew them. 

This story became a trend in social networks and many did not hesitate to share it.

Source: Daily Mail

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