La Paz; In 2019, they adopted 212 puppies at the Canine Dog Care Center; 32 went to the US and Canada


Of the total dogs adopted in the capital of Baja California Sur, 28 ended up in US homes

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS) . Throughout 2019, a total of 212 dogs were adopted, a figure that was given until December 16, said the head of the Municipal Canine Care Center (Cemac) in the capital of Baja California Sur, Pilar Martínez Verduzco

The puppies given for adoption have been mostly in the city of La Paz, however, there are also some that have gone outside the entity and even outside of Mexico, the municipal official added.

Until December 16, of the total adoptions, 28 puppies have gone to the United States and 4 to Canada, although there are some that were adopted and live in CerritosTodos Santos and Los Barriles

“It has worked very well for us, we invite all people to come and see them,” Martínez Verduzco said, arguing that adoptions are followed up, making visits to families.

Finally, the Cemac Coordinator urged the citizens of Baja California Sur to visit the facilities, while promoting adoption, allowing each of the puppies to be given a new opportunity.

Source: bcsnoticias

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