Tips to calm own your pet during fireworks


In Mexico, we love our fireworks but our furry friends tend to disagree with us on this. In these dates of constant celebrations, the excessive use of fireworks plays a fundamental role in the fiestas of Mexico, so it is necessary to take some precautions for the care of your dog during fireworks.

How to calm my dog ​​during fireworks?

Let your dog know that you are there.
Maintain a normal posture with your dog when the noise is scaring them, in this way you will prevent your dog from becoming confused and develop fear or confusion. Petting and ‘babying’ your dog is one of the most common behaviors you should avoid, although it’s hard not to do when we see our furry friends scared.

Put a tight shirt or blanket around your dog.
One of the options that have become popular for calming your dog is to put a tight shirt or blanket around the body of your dog to make them feel more secure. Thundershirts are a common solution recommended by the American Kennel Club. You can buy a Thundershirt on Amazon USA or Amazon Mexico.

Let your dog find the place they feel most safe.
Most likely, your dog will look for a place that makes them feel safe. It is usually under the bed, under the table or under the sofa. Once your dog has found a stable place, you should not take them out, they have found the place where they feel safest, let them stay there.

Show calm around your dog.
Even if your dog is having a bad time, you should keep in mind that staying calm is the best option. If you ‘baby’ your dog or seem upset because your dog is upset, it will just add to your dog’s anxiety. Try to carry on as normal as possible. While it may not relieve the stress of your dog, it will keep it from escalating.

Counteracting fireworks noise with other noises.
Counteracting outside noise caused by fireworks with other noises may be the ideal option to distract your dog from the loud noises, you can play music or play videos or movies for you and your dog. This may work best for people who have a little more distance between their home and the source of the noise.

Take a walk with your dog before the fireworks show.
Before the time comes to start the fireworks show, try to give your dog a walk for approximately 30 minutes or an hour. This will help your dog relax and you can even try to tire them so they might want to sleep (although they might do it under the bed).

Use essential oils to help calm your dog.
Another method you can use for these moments of anxiety and despair of your dog is to use essential oils with your dog before the fireworks start. One of the favorite oils to use for promoting calm and relaxation is lavender. Pairing it with cedarwood kicks up the calming effects even more. Use the oils in a diffuser or rub some in the palm of your hand and give your pup a nice massage before the fireworks begin.

Some other ideas:

You can give your dog a piece of your personal clothing after they have found their safe place, this will help add to their calming being around your smell, because we don’t recommend you get under the bed with your dog and make fireworks a time for drama.

If none of the above tips work for your faithful friend, you can sedate them as a last resort if you feel like the stress is affecting your dog’s health, go to a consultation with your veterinarian and ask them for help.

Source: PVDN